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What are emotions? How come we were blessed to have them?


So I am sitting on my couch contemplating life, thinking about some artwork I recently saw which was driven by inner emotions.

Then All of a sudden thought struck me. What exactly are emotions? How could I put them in the words?

If I start counting all of the emotions we know about like happiness, love, comfort, sadness etc.. That will not answer me what are they, it is not the same as counting all the colors. They are more complex than anything in this world. Do you feel happiness same as I do? Or Love?

I would say that emotions are the most subjective individual thing there is. There really isn’t a way to tell if another person feels emotions same as the person wondering. Sure, they can communicate about them and come to some similar agreements, but how can you know for sure? Like when you sit on a rainy day looking through your window with a warm cup of tea in your hand, you feel relaxed but not necessarily as like I said emotions are an individual thing, someone may feel agitated instead.

Emotions are one thing that drives this world, everything runs on them from politics to smallest individual things like whether you will fix your broken phone screen or not. Every decision we make is based on emotions, and even if we “control” our emotions sometimes in order not to make some decision, that emotion which we controlled will catch up eventually as there is really no way to escape from what you feel.

But really there is nothing like emotions, it is a special dimension of life, nothing ever comes close to it. Your senses like vision, hearing, tasting, etc. None of that compares to what you feel . And it is so complex to determine where is the core of an emotion.

Such a power lies in emotions, from creativity to dedication and ambition, but what are emotions? Where are they? When I feel something it is like my entire being is feeling it, like it is everywhere, on my skin, in my stomach, in my heart, everywhere.. But sometimes it feels like it is more than that. It feels like it goes beyond my body and like it is all around me, transforming the world through the eyes of an emotion I feel at the given moment..

So how to define it? Emotions are a special force in this universe and I don’t think they were given just to us as in humans, animals feel them too, maybe all too well. I think that every life form shares some kind of energy which connects them. Maybe that is where emotions come into play, to connect and divide. There are always two sides of the coin, sometimes we want to connect and sometimes to leave, but what drives either of them are emotions.

And we were blessed to have this ability to feel, it should never be taken for granted.. Our ability to feel helps us connect with this universe. If there weren’t for feelings then, all of this would be pointless.. The matter, the space, the energy, it is all pointless if you don’t have a feeling of connection with it.



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