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How to Nourish Your Creativity and Never Get Stuck Again

How to Nourish your Creativity and Never get Stuck Again

It is very important to always feed your creative soul in order not to get burned out and lost wandering for your next creative move with the feeling of being stuck.

How many times were you stuck and without hope for solving a creative problem?

If your answer is more than once, then this article is just for you.

I will break this down into three simple steps:
  1. Why you get stuck during your creative process
  2. How to nourish your creativity in order to always be satisfied with your results
  3. What is the best benefit of keeping your creative part working like clockwork!

Nourish your creativity

Why you get stuck during your creative process:

It is often times that we feel like we are missing out on the solution which we feel is obvious. This can happen to you if you are working on painting, sculpting, architecture, writing, etc.

We feel like there is this emotion, concept, reason behind the project, but we cannot fully be satisfied with what we are doing because we feel like we are not expressing it enough.

And there you get stuck, not knowing which step to make to express the idea to the fullest.

How to nourish your creativity in order to always be satisfied with your results:

There are many daily practices that you can do to feed your creativity in order for you to see things the best in a creative manner. And there are some things which you can do to unstuck yourself from that painful moment when you don’t know what you are doing anymore on your idea, concept behind your artwork.

Some of the daily practices that you can do in order for you to be more creative:
  • Observe the world around you, but don’t just look at it the way you see it, look at it for what it is. Try to always see a bigger picture. Things are usually not the way they seem and when you start seeing this more often that means that your understanding is on a higher level which will make you more creative.
  • Another exercise you can do just by observing the world is trying on purpose to see things differently, who says that tree can’t grow upside down? Try and make quick sketches of unusual things which you can try and see on purpose.
  • Read. This goes without saying that it is one of the best ways to boost someones creativity. If you read often, you will get to see things from someone elses perspective. This is one and only opportunity to have a very deep understanding of someones thoughts, ways of looking at the world and emotions. How can you be creative if all emotions you know are your own? It is vital to understand things like emotions from more perspectives. Books are always a way to go.
Reading will help you boost your creativity

Reading will help you boost your creativity

  • Spend some time on your own meditating. This can give you a boost in concentration on a particular topic and later help you in developing your concept for your artwork. When you spend time on your own just thinking about the world, your life, life itself and the emotions it doesn’t take long for you to start thinking about some things you never thought before and that will open up a whole new door for your further understanding. The best thing about this? You are all the instruments that you need. You are the key that will unlock your own doors to get what you yourself hides behind them.
  • Unleash your power of focus. This can be used in simple tasks for the best results. Did you ever notice that when you are doing some simple tasks like tying your shoelace or taking a shower that you are struck with a moment of insight? This is when your conscious brain takes its time off and let the unconscious take on from there. It is in these small moments that we can use our power of focus. Focusing on this insightful moment is what will train your brain to have it happen more often. It is in these moments that you can let your unconscious part be creative and this is the most fun part of the creativity.
  • Write things down. If you are keeping a journal that is great because this way you are always in temptation to find the best creative way to write what happened to you so that one day when you look at it you can feel the joy of it. Writing things down is a great practice of creative work because we are constantly challenged. But there are more benefits of writing things down than this. You don’t have to keep a journal to benefit from it. But if you write your ideas down you will get your head thinking about them. Because when you put your ideas on a paper they are no longer just in your head, now they are a part of the physical world too, right there on that paper. This will increase the amount of attention your brain has given to that thought because it is now more engaging. That idea is working its way up to its completion by going from your thoughts on the paper and now your creative side notices it better than it did before. This might sound silly but its psychology.
  • Try new things every day! This is a must for us creatives. There has to be something new for you to do daily. Don’t have your creativity sleeping, constantly challenge it by offering yourself some new and unpredictable situations.
  • Talk about creativity and discuss it with your friends. From time to time it is good to take a tour through your friends understanding of what it means to create. You can learn something from them and vice versa.

This was a small number of things that you can do on a daily base to boost your creativity. Now I will share with you some of the ideas that can help you get unstuck while in the middle of the project you are working on right now.

Nourish your creaticity

Meditating by observing

How to get unstuck from that point in your project you can’t get across:
  • Ask yourself: “What is it that I am trying to do here?”, “What are my intentions with this project?”, “What sits in the heart of my project, what is its idea?”. These answers will help you further understand your work and this can result in you finding the answer you are looking for through understanding of your own work. Many times we get stuck because we wander off from the original idea of the artwork.
  • Write a haiku, song. This has to sound silly, but it works. I was taught this by my mentor during my first year of architecture studies and this has to be one of my favorite ways to understand my own ideas. But this is applicable to all forms of art. Haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry and it is consisted of 5-7-5 syllables. The whole point is that it is very difficult to write something so short and to speak about many things with it. That is why this will help you. Write a haiku about your artwork. When you start writing you will start wondering which words to use and this is when you will start understanding your own work even better, resulting you in getting unstuck and moving on.
  • Try different variations of the things which bothers you. If you are stuck with writing, sculpting or whatever don’t give up. Make many small variations, try and see what fits your work the best.
Try different variations

Try different variations

  • Leave it be for some time. Sometimes when we get stuck the reason could be that the idea hasn’t grown enough. Plant the seed and water it by occasionally doing all the steps above. After some time you will feel like you have connected enough with your artwork that now the solution comes naturally.

Hopefully these will help you if you are stuck in some project of yours and unsure where to go next. Just make sure you never leave your sculpture, painting, book halfway finished.. Never give up on it. Even if it takes you a lifetime make sure you come back to it. Nothing is worse than never letting your creativity reach its peak throughout your work. You have to let what is in your imagination break free in the physical world too, so that others can experience it. That way we can all grow together.

What is the best benefit of keeping your creative part working like clockwork:

I think that the best benefit for you is the increased ability to get things deep from your imagination out there for everyone to see. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to think, solve problems and find creative ways in everything.

You will feel more alive if you feed your creative side. The world becomes your playground after you understand that things are so easily transformed and shaped by your way of thinking. Your creativity will allow you to connect better with the universe by making you understand your presence in it and your own abilities.



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