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21 emotions

21 Emotions People Feel But Can’t Explain

  Apart from some emotions we are all very familiar with like happiness, joy, love, hope, satisfaction or negative ones like anger, sadness, frustration there is a whole lot more than we usually refer to as emotions. John Koenig, spoke about some never mentioned emotions that people


Why is it good to be spontaneous sometimes

Few weeks ago I was so caught up in work that I didnt know what time it was, what day it was and when were my deadlines! But then something happened. Unexpected.. I got a phone call from a friend calling me out to go

A word about kindness..

In this cruel world a word of kindness is never over exaggerated.. But even thou we hear about it all the time we dont get to see it as often.. I guess it all starts with parenting and children’s upbringing. I hear people telling their