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The power of art

Often underestimated.. The power of art cannot be measured as I would say..

Where does the power of art lay? In our hearts, souls, spirits.. Call it whatever you like. It’s with us but often not pursued..

When I say art I don’t know is that the right word. Maybe imagination or creation, but lets stick with art.

We all have it in us, but it is often hidden behind layers and layers of unfortunate lives we live in todays society where creation and imagination is not as encouraged as it should be.

The art has the most magnificent and important power of them all.. The power to set you free..

Nothing in this world can set you free as your imagination. We were meant to be this free. If we pursue the development of our imagination, we will be able to experience the absolute freedom and maybe even reach that point of touching the world beyond what we ever thought was possible.

That is the power of art.. To be able to reach for that chest of infinite imagination we all share and to play around there, to try and reach for something new, unseen and unfelt before.. The art is the only thing that can have you experience something that you could have never experienced without it.
There are three dimensions in the physical world and there is a fourth dimension of time.. But Art is the Fifth Dimension.. Making it the most important one. Without art/imagination/creativity time and space would be pointless..


Thank you for reading the text, if you have something to add please comment below 🙂


The power of art



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