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What a better way to start this.. To start all of this.. World, universe, reality, life.. Its all art..

But what is art? How do we say it? Maybe it can be said by words and yet again it maybe cant.

So how do we capture art? How do we know what is art and what is not?

Well I say art is in our minds not in front of our eyes. It is in our minds, souls where actual art happens. If I see a beautiful abstract sculpture and I think about it a little until idea pops up, until I understand it. Thats when art happened!! Right there and then in my head. That is how I would describe art, as a moment in our mind but it is more then just mind it is a moment in our souls.

Art goes beyond visible realm. It goes beyond what is and what was, it sits somewhere between what can be and what might be..

Art is questioning everything and bringing everything in question, nothing is and nothing can be but at the same time everything is and could be.

When I say that art is in our souls I mean that our souls/spirits call it whatever you want have this ability called imagination and thats where everything resides. Everything is there! Literally everything, it is infinite. One and only thing we can say that it is infinite. It is up to us to dig out of that infinite chest what we want. So imagination is an important part of this universe because it is infinite and it is a part of the universe it self making it something that contains something infinite thus making it infinite it self.

But art is digging deep within our minds, opening that chest of infinite imagination.. Playing around there, understanding, opening new worlds and new doors toward new and unseen and unfelt before.

It is like when all the great artists in history found a new way or a new style to represent their art. They uncovered some universes mysteries.. They opened new doors in minds, not just theirs but everybody’s who understood them. When one man opens a new door for example when first surrealists started painting surrealist paintings it was easy to continue in their footsteps but we have to move on at some point and uncover some more universe mysteries which lay in us.. In our minds.

Art is trying to express whats inside us, trying to touch the untouchable, trying to touch the end of endless box, trying to do “it”, the reason why we can never truly define art it is because it has no end. I am sure of that because I believe the imagination has no end either, it may have some limits but not the end. We re trying to break ourselves from these limits in order to reach the end but it has no end. That is why art is not easy to define, it is everywere, connecting us to this universe, probably one and only thing we share with this universe, the ability to create.




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