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vintage art print

Beautiful vintage Art prints by Vintage Book Art studio

Today I was scavenging the web for some interesting art prints which I was interested and I accidentally stumbled upon these beautiful vintage art prints by the Vintage Book Art studio from Ohio. Each print is created using an antique dictionary page from the early

Read the interview with the rising Moscow Artist Irina Lurie

Today I am bringing you something new. This is first of the many artist interviews I will be doing. Meet Irina Lurie, an Artist from Russia. She graduated from MGHPA Stroganova in Moscow. After graduation, she worked in the British company PRP Architects, created for this company

Constructing Bicycles from Memory – Mistaken Art

Could you draw a bicycle right now? As you remember it? Well many people tested by Italian Artist Gianluca Gimini went from full absurd to full perfect drawings. Gimini wanted to create bicycles from peoples memory as they are complex to remember because of their

Photo: Greg Mote

16 surreal landscapes found on Earth

Mother nature knows no limits I would say but I didnt know that it is a big fan of Salvador Dali’s work.. These places look too beautiful to be real but they are.. They have their adresses under the pictures. The Wave, Arizona, U.S. Photo: Greg

Kiev, Ukraine

Giant Raindrop laid on Sculpture’s Face

Nazar Bilyk, a Ukrainian artist made this mesmerizing 6 foot tall statue, located in Kiev, of a human gazing at the skies with a huge single raindrop on his face. It might be obvious when he said the statue is named “Rain” but there is

The power of art

The power of art

Often underestimated.. The power of art cannot be measured as I would say.. Where does the power of art lay? In our hearts, souls, spirits.. Call it whatever you like. It’s with us but often not pursued.. When I say art I don’t know is

Where does art come from?

Where is art? Where does it come from? When I take a brush and paint where is that coming from? My brain or my heart? My emotions or my memories? Where does art come from? I believe art comes from the very core of the universe,