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Artist Creates Art With His 91-Year-Old Mom So She Could Feel Young Again

Tony Luciani artist photographer

Here is an interesting concept. How to bring someones youth back?

By creating together with his 91 year old mother, an artist Tony Luciani helped his mom feel young again. They made a series of deep photographs often using some surreal methods to capture the idea of the photo.

Tony Luciani artist photographer


“Tony Luciani has been a full-time, professional fine artist since his Ontario College of Art post-graduate studies in Florence, Italy in 1978. Having been interested in photography for just as long, he has decided to expand his artistic vision. ‘The Art In Fine Photography’ marries creativity with technology, and from canvas to viewfinder. For Tony Luciani, as a painter and photographer, the common ground for both is about the passion of desire, need to create, and the illusive meaningful ‘hum’ within.” – From

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“Seniors are the history to the present, and a guide for us in our future. My role as photographer on this project is to cohesively join all the aspects of why and how we live, sensitively composed with a creative eye. My experiences as a painter have taught me that art should originate, and hopefully be absorbed from the inside, out. The substitution of stretched canvas for camera viewfinder or of oil paint for digital processing software remains very much the same. It filters through the artist. But, ultimately, it’s all about the ‘hum.’ ” – Tony Luciani

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