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Introducing Susarenko Maria, a painter and fashion designer

Susarenko Maria Russian artist

Susarenko Maria, working in her studio

Meet Maria Susarenko, a recent graduate from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. She is an abstract painter and a fashion designer.

Maria was born in Kostanai city, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 5 years old, Maria has attended art school, took part in different art competitions, her paintings were sent to Paris and Prague. Also, she took part in the International Delphic games and was awarded with a diploma for artistic individuality. She passed through special graphic design courses in St. Martin’s College in London. Maria studied graphics and painting in studios of L. Bashkhov and I. Vasilyev. Maria is a graduate of the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry. Her creative art is distinguished by bright colors, expression and art individuality.

Morpheus by Susarenko Maria, Canvas 46x70

Morpheus by Susarenko Maria, Canvas 46×70

From Window by Susarenko Maria

From Window by Susarenko Maria

From the visual aspect her work is stunning, but there is more than that. What I love the most about her paintings is the atmosphere. Looking at her work observer can get easily lost in the shapes, perspective and color, thus making a dimension of its own. I loved this painting “From the window”, the emotion here is grey, but inviting, the blue color adds up to the feeling of a quiet emotion being slowly awoken through this painting.

Painting "собор" by Susarenko Maria

Painting “собор” by Susarenko Maria


The Look by Susarenko Maria

The Look by Susarenko Maria

The connection is so strong in her painting “The Look”, the connection between the figures in the painting, between the colors, shapes but also with the observer.

Beside her painting work, Maria also started to participate in fashion design, but using her own prints, she applies them in her designs seamlessly.


Using her own print in her dress design by Susarenko Maria

Using her own print in her dress design by Susarenko Maria

coat (2) coat4 (2)

I would like to say Thank you to Maria for approaching me and sending her beautiful artwork, it was a pleasure reviewing it.

If you are interested to see more of her work you can visit her website and Behance links below:



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