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Why is it good to be spontaneous sometimes

Few weeks ago I was so caught up in work that I didnt know what time it was, what day it was and when were my deadlines! But then something happened. Unexpected..

I got a phone call from a friend calling me out to go and visit some exhibition. My first reaction was that I would have to pass that as I was in too much work but then a thought went trough my head, right there in the middle of the conversation.. “Why not”. Thats it. So I stopped my friend speaking and told him that I would go and didnt even tell him why I changed my mind.

The day was great but thats not the point of this text. I got so caught up in regular daily work that things started being bit too overwhelming and I needed to do something spontaneous.. Why? Well now I am getting to the point.

When I got that thought “”Why not” it was “ME” that was speaking to “ME”. Real me doesnt care about the work even thou I enjoy it, doesnt care about the money even thou I need it, doesnt care about school even thou I love it.. But what I care as much as everyone else is Life…

Life is not there where you do same thing every day. If you re-live one day 7 days a week then you lived one day instead of seven.. Sure we cant always do spontaneous things but we have to try as much as we can.

Behind spontaneous resides area of unexpected, unseen, unfelt.. Doing something spontaneous is more then just trying something new. It is about getting the opportunity to live more then your “usual”. When you are doing something spontaneous you get out of your “sleep” mode and go in your “awake” mode. Its when all your senses are on. Its when you have no plans on how things are going to work out. You just get in a certain situation and have to deal with it. I am not saying that as a bad thing but ultimately it is what it is.

Maybe I am making this sound like you have to do something spectacular but it is not truth. Doing something simple but spontaneous like going with a friend for a coffee will make you be more alive..

We are living lives where everything has to work according to plan. Nothing is left for a chance and when there is no chance then there will not be a miracle either..

It is when you do spontaneous things that universe is going to let you experience something new.. You can not expect to have a miracle happen between your launch break between 12-13pm at the same spot you eat every day.. I mean you can and it could happen but in order to live more you have to do more.. Best things happen spontaneously..

And I am not just talking about going somewhere.. It could be anything.. When I started writing for the first time it was totally spontaneous. I just took a pen and wrote some thoughts..

Just do something that you would enjoy but dont think about it too much or plan for it too much. Just hear yourself out. You know what you want. Dont let your life just go from 8am to 8pm on the job. Even if you love your job.

Find a way to create a spark in your life every day! Best way to create a spark is to be awake. You will not be awake if you are doing the things you are doing every single day. Try something new every day and see how small miracles will start happening to you as you give them room by not planning your time so much and destroying any room for miracles..

Please let me know what do you think about the text, if you liked it or not or if you have something to add.

Thank you for reading 🙂



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