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A word about kindness..

In this cruel world a word of kindness is never over exaggerated.. But even thou we hear about it all the time we dont get to see it as often..

I guess it all starts with parenting and children’s upbringing. I hear people telling their children to be “nice” all the time. “Dont do that it is not nice!” statements like these hold no value. You can not train someone not to behave in some manner. It is not a pet. Our pets do not understand some things and that is okay so we have to teach them to “memorize” some behavior. If I teach my cat not to use my carpet as a litter box that will not teach the cat that I had to work for that carpet, that the cat is hurting me by destroying it. It is similar when trying to “teach” someone to be “nice”, it cant be done without real understanding. We can not just say to our children what not to do without having them understand why is it so that the certain things are not good for themselves, for the family or the world!

That is why word “nice” doesnt fit this context. I choose the word “kindness”. We shouldn’t try to “teach” our kids to be nice, but rather have them understand what does it mean to be kind.. That way without our help and guidance in future they will know how to act in certain situations without hurting others and themselves.

But I have focused maybe too much on the children and upbringing. It is us that can also benefit from this.

If we try to be kind in general we can avoid the “nice pattern” which is certain pattern of rules of what is nice and what is not. Yet every time something happens that does not fit in those rules some kind of anger, pain or other bad emotion takes over and starts roaming free. That is what happens when you are tamed with rules whats nice and whats not. You hide your bad emotions because you were taught not to say something because it was not nice. But it doesnt work that way. If you dont take care of your emotions they will take care of you eventually. Only way not to feel anger or any other emotion to cause you to wish for something bad to others is to be kind. That means that you merge sympathy, understanding, care for others with your spirit. That way you can try and be truly good for the better of the world.

To be truly kind that means that you put needs of others before your own. Sure these things can have their limits but when you have to break these limits you should not revert to your animal state but simply remain in that zone of not hurting world around you but rather trying to help it.

This is my point of view, please let me know if you agree or not or if you have something to add. Thank you very much for reading the text I hope you enjoyed it 🙂



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