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What is real?

Are you real? Are you? If your answer is yes then I ask you how do you know?

Our answer is by default “yes” but that is coming from our human nature. The more we evolve, the more we question things.. And we see that things are not that simple to answer. We have some default answers but even those answers could be brought to question..

So what is really real? How do we define “real” ? How do we know when something is real?

Not easy questions to answer.

I would say that in order for something to be real an idea of it has to exist. The very concept of it must exist! But now I come to another problem in that way of thinking. In order for the idea to exist a mind is necessary. And in order for mind to exist the very idea of minds existence is necessary. Now I can not define which one is older.. The chicken or the egg.. I can not say which is older the mind or the idea of a mind because one can not without another.. And the very existence connects these two.

They both exist.

What I am saying is that in order to have a mind which can understand the idea of any existence you first need the very idea of minds existence.

So what does exist? What is real?

Lets first start with what is not real.

If something does not belong in any mind than it is not real.. “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it then was there a noise?” one man called Richard asked me. I say there was no noise and there was no tree either or the forest unless someone saw the tree, someone is there at the forest and someone heard the tree falls.. But this is very confusing and controversial..

When I say this I understand that I am going against human logic but just think about it.

If the event never took place in a mind then was it real?

If there is no one to confirm a reality then is there one? And how do we know that it is what we see or feel using some other senses..

This is very complex matter.. The idea is first step of something being real, the next step is feeling it somehow.

So one might even say that everything is real because we can imagine anything. But if we do not imagine something and have it in our mind than that can not be real for us. It could be real for someone else but not for us.

Lets come back to the tree in the forest. It is real if someone was there to witness it and it is not if no one was there. It will become real when someone witnesses it but not before that.

Someone could say that this is not possible. Someone could say that tree fell no matter what and go in the forest and find the tree and prove it by pointing it out. But I say that in that moment that became real and not before that.

Please do comment on this and discuss it further, I feel as if I merely touched this subject because how complex it is. Thank you for reading the text I hope you enjoyed it πŸ™‚



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